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8/26 Discussion: GBFFs


What’s more fun than a drunken straight girl, four “flirtinis” into her night, asking you if you want to grab her boobs cos, lolz, you’re gay? Depending on your personality, your answer is either “Nothing!” or “Everything…”

Join us tonight for a TAG TEAM-facilitated (Justin and Sean, who tried their best to work a “DP” joke in here somehow) candid, embarrassing-stories-welcome night of talking about our love-hate, love-love, or hate-hate relationships with straight women and their occasionally overwhelming desire to befriend us.

As always, we’ll be meeting tonight (Fri) at 8:30 at St. Margaret’s, 1830 CT Ave NW, entering via the parish office door buzzer. Afterwards we’ll wander out for what may be one of your last hot meals for weeks, assuming Pepco responds to Hurricane Irene as we all predict they will.

8/19 Discussion Just who do you think… you… ARE?!?

So often our discussions revolve around the world around us…politics, race, rights, and gripes. This Friday we will discuss ourselves and our personal understanding and acceptance of what “Gay” means to us as individuals. Is it just a lifestyle choice? Is man on man affections all that the word means to you? Is it the struggle, perseverance and triumph of equality and acceptance? Or just the fact that you have the super human ability to read a bitch like a Jackie Collins paperback novel?

Come share your thoughts and maybe you can help others understand the different aspects and ideas that they may have not otherwise seen.

Of course, we will follow discussion with dinner and after dinner we’ll see just how gay you boys can get after you’ve downed a couple of TwinkieTini’s!

8/12 Discussion: Parents Just Don’t Understand

The New York Times' "Sunday Styles" section recently reported on how parents of gays and lesbians are now also asking their children, “When are YOU going to get married?” The story also quotes a few psychiatrists who see gay patients, and how the question of marriage has led to conflict in some gay and lesbian relationships.

Is that your experience? Is this really a trend? (The Times reports on plenty of fake trends–look, straight guys have cats!) Are your parents eager for you to “make an honest man” out of him? Are parents more eager to have their gay children to get married to “normalize” their lives? Or do some parents want nothing to do with it?

Come, share stories, we’ll brainstorm responses if your mom is really begging you to get married; or, alternatively, if they are hostile, how you would get them to be interested.

Afterwards, We’ll head for some pizza at Flippin Pizza and maybe eat it in the circle.

8/5 Discussion: Gender T Time!

Image courtesy

Image courtesy
“Girl stuff.” “Boy stuff.”

“Girls wear pink.”

My niece, all of 5, explained to me her understanding of gender roles and that they should not be broken. When I told her that some boys wear pink, too, and that not all girls wore pink, she simply said, “Nooooooooo!” Clearly raising my vegan, feminist, gender-aware-but-not-too-worried little munchkin right is going to be hard in this landscape.

We (as a society and as a species) seem to put a lot of emphasis on gender and sex and are very pushy about using it to define people. To help remind us of this, just look at this Fox News report on a genderless baby, right down to the fact that there are quotes around “genderless.” Or look at how people trip up and call a transgender person by the wrong pronouns, even though s/h/ze may be dressed and made up exactly in accordance with their preferred gender role.

Come chat with us about your gender successes and failures, transphobia, and whether or not men have the right to wear capris tonight, Friday, August 6th at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church at 1830 Connecticut Ave NW at 8:30 PM. For information on how to get in, check our “Weekly Discussions” page.

Oh, and be sure to check out this great video from the “Barbie Liberation Organization,” which helps put the ails of gender restrictions in a humorous light.