8/12 Discussion: Parents Just Don’t Understand

The New York Times' "Sunday Styles" section recently reported on how parents of gays and lesbians are now also asking their children, “When are YOU going to get married?” The story also quotes a few psychiatrists who see gay patients, and how the question of marriage has led to conflict in some gay and lesbian relationships.

Is that your experience? Is this really a trend? (The Times reports on plenty of fake trends–look, straight guys have cats!) Are your parents eager for you to “make an honest man” out of him? Are parents more eager to have their gay children to get married to “normalize” their lives? Or do some parents want nothing to do with it?

Come, share stories, we’ll brainstorm responses if your mom is really begging you to get married; or, alternatively, if they are hostile, how you would get them to be interested.

Afterwards, We’ll head for some pizza at Flippin Pizza and maybe eat it in the circle.

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