8/26 Discussion: GBFFs


What’s more fun than a drunken straight girl, four “flirtinis” into her night, asking you if you want to grab her boobs cos, lolz, you’re gay? Depending on your personality, your answer is either “Nothing!” or “Everything…”

Join us tonight for a TAG TEAM-facilitated (Justin and Sean, who tried their best to work a “DP” joke in here somehow) candid, embarrassing-stories-welcome night of talking about our love-hate, love-love, or hate-hate relationships with straight women and their occasionally overwhelming desire to befriend us.

As always, we’ll be meeting tonight (Fri) at 8:30 at St. Margaret’s, 1830 CT Ave NW, entering via the parish office door buzzer. Afterwards we’ll wander out for what may be one of your last hot meals for weeks, assuming Pepco responds to Hurricane Irene as we all predict they will.

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