9/9 Discussion: Baby, I Got Your Money

As relationships get more and more serious, there are steps at which you “up the ante” with how much you invest in and trust one another. No, not just “Will he introduce me as his boyfriend in front of his friends?” or “I love him so much, I’ll let him order an appetizer and a glass of wine,” but really important things: Benjamins.

Are there rules of engagement when it comes to asserting your financial issues, needs, comfort, and restrictions as you branch out into managing finances with a partner? How long can a debt be outstanding? Is it ever right to force a boyfriend/partner/husband to repay you.. “or else?” Must you both live by the means of the partner who makes the least/most, chart a middle ground somewhere, or simply call it off when you realize how dissimilar your incomes are? Come complain about past experiences, daydream about future romance, and listen to nonprofit employees bitch as we talk about Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s favorite relationship issue: money.

As always, we’ll be meeting at St. Margaret’s Episcopal Church, using the red 1830 Connecticut Ave NW door’s Parish Office buzzer to get in. Afterwards, we’ll celebrate Sean’s new employment at a vegetarian advocacy organization by eating at a nearby vegetarian-friendly business.

Not-Quite-P.S.: If you haven’t already, check out our upcoming Open House—which is slated for next week—and RSVP on Facebook so we’ll know roughly how many of you hummus-loving homosexuals we facilitators will have to feed.

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