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10/28 Discussion: All Hallow’s Eve

Have you noticed that in the gay world, Halloween seems to eclipse Christmas as the most important holiday? Is it the socially acceptable promiscuity? The fact that drinking is a time-honored tradition? The excuse for gender-bending, wearing makeup, and dressing oneself in absolutely ridiculous outfits?

Whatever your excuse, let’s meet this Friday at 8:30 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Episcopal (same bat time, same bat channel) to discuss ridiculous and/or offensive costumes, terrible decisions of Halloweens past, trick or treat mishaps from our youth, and–of course–brag about whatever your costume and party plans are for the weekend.

Play your cards right and there may even be candy, heavily orange-dyed cookies, or an appearance by the Great Pumpkin.

See you soon,


10/21: Come early, see how fun is made!

Tomorrow we’re opening up our monthly facilitator’s meeting to welcome all guys to come join us! As we plan upcoming discussion topics and special events for you all, we hope to get your input on what you would like to do and discuss in the next few months. Come out a bit early to participate in the open facilitator’s meeting and become a part of making fun for Gay District.

The open facilitator’s meeting starts at 7:30. Same place. Hope to see you there and hear your ideas!

GD Facilitators


Frank Kameny and the Gay Rights Movement

With the passing of pioneer gay rights activist Frank Kameny, Friday we will look back at his life, work for gay rights, and the legacy he has left on the movement.

We will also make some time to discuss current work in the gay rights movement, including President Obama’s recent speech at this year’s HRC Dinner.

Brush up on your gay history and politics before coming out for a sure-to-be great discussion!

As always, same place, same time. With going out to eat afterward.

10/16/2011 – “Men Singles Game Night!”

Time: Sunday, October 16 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: 4141 N. Henderson Road, in Arlington, VA

Co-hosts Gay District, DC Icebreakers, and Burgundy Crescent
Volunteers, join forces to bring you an evening of BOYS, BOOZE, and
BOARD GAMES! If you’ve enjoyed the past game nights (with general
attendance for each in over 100!) you’ll have a blast on this unique
twist on a singles mingle!

The event takes place in the party room at 4141 N. Henderson Road, in
Arlington, VA, on Sunday, October 16, from 6:00-9:00 pm. This is a BYO
party, so please plan to bring a snack and/or something to drink. And
feel free to bring your single friends, too! We’ll provide the board,
card, and video games and party supplies (cups, plates, utensils,
etc.). There’s a pool table available, too.

It’s an event so good, it’s even worth crossing the river!

And there is NO RSVP necessary – just show up. Complete details are
below. See you there!

Justin / Neil / Rob!

Men’s Singles Party w/Board, Card and Video Games (and pool table!) –
for our single members and their friends

No RSVP necessary – just show up!

Sunday, October 16, 6:00-9:00 pm

4141 N. Henderson Road, Arlington, VA 22203
(At the front desk, ask for the Party Room)

BYO – bring a snack and/or something to drink. Party supplies will be

The Ballston Metro is just 5 blocks away – about a 10 minute walk.

Some street parking is available, or park in the Ballston Common Mall
garage, just 1 block away. ($1 for the entire evening.)
Note: Do NOT park in the angled spaces on N. Henderson – they tow!

Your co-hosts for this event are:
– Gay District (
– DC Ice Breakers (
– Burgundy Crescent Volunteers (

Fall Fashion Fiesta!!

Hey Boy-sicles!

So you’ve worn your favorite shorts till they’re splitting at the seams….
Those sandals you got at banana republic aren’t going to protect those toes from jack frost!
Not to mention that tank top you’ve been wearing since you stole it from that guy you hooked
up with in Rehoboth! Time to put away the boys of summer and welcome fall! Let’s chat about our
favorite looks, shops, style and things that we plan to look forward to this fall season.

Not a fashionista? Aren’t sure what colors are in this season let alone where to shop?
Don’t know your ascot from a hole in the wall? Don’t worry, your facilitators will be your guide
in the intricate world of style and circumstance! Wanna know what local shops have GREAT
frugal fashion finds? Dying to hear what sites the the young, urbanites are trafficking for their
low priced wow wears? We’ll do more than TELL you, we’ll show you first hand!

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner and if the night suits us….let’s travel out to see
what trouble we can find!