11/11: Sorry, I’m Not Into Black Guys

Oreos, courtesy of HelloEveryone123 on Flickr/CreativeCommons

We’ve hinted at it a lot but never gone through it head-on: race and attraction. Are you or is someone you know only attracted to white guys? Maybe someone says they’d never date a Latino man. Or then there are the “rice queens,” which it turns out is not a reference at all to being a sushi-lover.

Do sexual attraction and race/ethnicity intersect only due to racism, with some races only being discounted because of latent racism or made into a fetish because they’re seen as other-than-human? Or is it on par with preferring only a specific sex/gender or perhaps a muscular or lean or curvy guy? Please bring all not-wickedly-offensive opinions, as well as a good sense of humor for what promises to be a discussion including personal stories of bizarro experiences from our men of all races and backgrounds. To encourage open-mindedness about interracial sexual relations, I’ll bring some off-brand Oreos.

As always, we’ll be meeting at 8:30 at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave via the parish office door by the bus stop, center buzzer. Afterwards we can celebrate our first trip to Asylum, a bar with an extensive late-night menu, by… going to Asylum.

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