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12/16: Bah humbug. Are the holidays over yet?

We’re already half-way through December, so the holidays and its parties and fun are well underway. While the holidays are great to partake in, it’s also nice to take a break from them.

On Friday, we will take a breather from Christmas and¬†Hanukkah¬†and Kwanzaa and return to talking about what all interests us: love & sex. Join us for 20 questions about love & sex, as hosted on Logo’s “1 Girl, 5 Gays.” There will be rapid questions (of course with your responses!) about relationships, guys, family, friends, etc. The questions are always fun and interesting!

See you Friday. Same place. Same time.


Ho, Ho, Homosexuals

A Very Gay Christmas
A Very Gay Christmas, indeed

It’s that time of the year, gents: the halls are decked, Obama has the tree lit, and every retail outlet is playing the same twenty Christmas tunes recorded in the mid-1900s on repeat. “The Holidays are here,” as we non-exclusively put it, and bring with them joy, stress, a season of giving, a season of debt collection, togetherness with loved ones, burning hatred of loved ones, and so on.

Come discuss your plans this year, anxieties, and memories of previous bipolar-as-a-Joan-Crawford-character holidays. Going out of town? Changing your travel plans or long-standing traditions due to finances? Trying to decide with your partner whose family to visit or avoid, or perhaps whether your relationship is “there” yet, with regards to joint family visits? We’ll touch on all this and much more, so come say hi!

As always, we’ll be meeting at 8:30 pm on Friday at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, via the Parish Entrance buzzer by the bus stop. Afterwards we’ll nosh somewhere nearby (ladies’ choice this week), and break off into holiday de-stressing bar groups and descend on the local bar scene like wise men on a sale display of frankincense and myrrh.

12/02/2011 – “Tricks of the Trade: Do’s, Don’ts and Sexual Stigma in the LGBT Community”

After spending this passed Thanksgiving getting stuffed with food,
love, family and turkey come out to Gay District’s weekly facilitated
discussion and get stuffed with something else….knowledge! This
Friday we will be discussing the do’s and taboo’s associated with sex
in the LGBT community. How many dates should you wait before giving it
up? What doth a good kisser make? Can a gay couple truly have a
monogamous relationship and why does the straight world seem to think
we can’t?

Not only will we be discussing the physical aspect of life and love in
the LGBT community but we will also be broaching the issue of adult
entertainment. Does the growth of social media, i.e. YouTube, Twitter,
Facebook, which create a social celebrity out of your milk man have
anything to do with the growing popularity of amateur and home made
adult entertainment? In what ways do the adult entertainment industry
tap into pop culture to stay afloat in what some see as a slowly
dwindling field?

As always our discussion will take place at St. Margaret’s
Episcopalian Church in Dupont Circle. Discussion starts at 8:30pm and
will be followed by a quick bite before we head out for a night on the
town to celebrate one of our very own and his 30 years of awesomeness,
Happy Birthday IAN!!

Come out for the discussion; Stay for the company!