01/20/2012 – Dating 2.0

Hey Boy-sicles!

Throughout the annals (HA!) of history Man has been on a never ending
quest for camaraderie and companionship. As the course of history has
changed so have our methods of joining together and exploring the
dark, treacherous and mine laden world of…DATING!

Join us this Friday as we discuss dating in the world of technology.
Do the rules of a common meetup date apply when you’ve been
corresponding online for a month? Can a Grindr hook-up lead to
matrimony? Is Plenty Of Fish REALLY a dating site or is it just a
euphemism for disappointment in the dating world? Is monogamy
something a dating relationship should inevitably lead to? How can you
sustain a committed relationship after you’ve been wading in the
“friend” zone for so long? How much information should your online
profile have and what is considered an over-share? Are you in fact
dating a Decepticon or is Skynet using you to acclimate itself to the
human experience in hopes of better understanding it’s prey? Have you
traversed these waters for so long you know it like the back of the
hand of that guy you used to date who liked it rough; well join us and
bring your know how to the discussion!

After dinner we will navigate the city for food an drink!

As Always, discussion will be held at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian
Church, 1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW
Discussions starts at 8:30pm and if you need any further directions
feel free to visit out site! (Listed Below)

Official Site: GayDistrict.Org
Twitter: GayDistrict.Org/Twitter
Facebook: GayDistrict.Org/Facebook

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