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03/02/2012 – GayM Night!






We love love us..and we love you loving us and we know YOU
love games! So join you favorite facilitators as we ditch our weekly
discussion format and treat you to an evening of tricks with treats; GAMES!
Uno, Skipbo, Taboo, Clue, Pictionary, The game of Dictionary and Settlers
of Katan TOO! Apples to apples and anything you can bring will be on the
table this Friday, March 2nd!

We’ll provide the snacks, drinks, games, and gossip and all you have to
bring is your adorable self (and that guy you’ve been meaning to bring with
you) and any game you might want to bring to the table as well. As always,
Gay District meet’s at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church 1830 Connecticut
Avenue. Click the LINK  for direct details to our meeting location!

See you there!

2/24/2012: What kind are you? New gay (stereo)types

There have been a proliferation of new gay (stereo)types lately–from otters to pups to chasers. You can see one type on YouTube with the Disappointing Gay video series. Even our straight male allies that mask their heterosexuality in stylish clothes have changed types from metrosexuals to hipsters.

So this week we will deconstruct all of these old and new types to see what it all means. Will knowing what kind of gay I am help me find my matching type? Are there really more otters at DC Eagle than Town? And is matching types ever that easy?

Check out this Gay Cliques Census survey that was created to shed some light on the demographics of the gay community and discover what cliques are actually in use (e.g. Bears, Cubs, etc.), the relationship between cliques and attraction to other cliques, how tops/bottoms range between groups, and what the geographic differences are between cliques. We will use some of this to jumpstart our discussion.

Come out for a fun discussion on new gay (stereo)types. As always, we start at 8:30 pm at St. Margaret’s Church and will enjoy some food and more convo at a local eatery afterward.


Special Guest: Marc Gravallese of Focus1 Coaching and naked H.U.G.S


This Friday we will be joined by Marc Gravallese, one of DC’s premiere work/life coaches to discuss his new program naked HUGS (Healing Ugly Guy Shit).

Marc has worked throughout DC with top industry and government leaders on transitioning programs as well as with the Pentagon on post 09/11 reconstruction teams. All of which have allowed him to hone and sharpen his insight into the mind and human condition and how we work with one another not just in our business lives but also our personal/intimate lives as well.

Marc’s naked HUGS program is focused specifically on Men who love Men and their interpersonal relationships as well as their intimate ones. Come join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity to speak with one of the best in this field and understand better ways of communication and conflict resolution.

As usual our discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church and will be followed by dinner at a local establishment.

2/10/12: This Is Why You’re Single

Admit it, you’re pretty annoying sometimes.

No, really.

This week, as Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day approaches and we all assess our dating lives to date, why not take a few moments to embrace what’s wrong with our approaches to dating, relationships, and love–and how truly hilarious our faults can be? If you’re single, tell us all about how terrible you are at apologizing, how you can’t stop power-belching to save your life, or how clingy you were in your last relationship. Not single? No problem! Share how truly grateful you are that your partner hasn’t commented on your thunderous sleep-farts, the fact that you never clean the bathroom, or your inability to fill up the ice trays once they’ve been emptied.. for several weeks.

Come one, come all–but leave your hang-ups and self-confidence at home. This is all about laughing at our mistakes regardless of our inability to stop making them. As always, we’ll be meeting at St. Margaret’s (1830 Connecticut Ave) via the Parish Office Door at 8:30 on Friday. Afterwards we’ll head across the circle to Bread and Brew to see what their ever-changing menu will have to offer in their cozy downstairs bar.

Patriots vs. Giants vs. 53 year old Madonna–SUPER BOWL XLVI 2/3

A Mandonna dancer recently said that she’s “bringing gay to the Super Bowl” in her upcoming halftime performance this Sunday. (However, previous Super Bowl halftime shows have registered on the high end of the Kinsey scale.)

What do you for the Super Bowl? Do you watch it or do other things during? Who are you rooting for? How do you think Madonna will do–is she over the hill? Do you have any special customs for it (cook anything)? Do you “bring gay” to the Super Bowl?

Also, GLSEN is running an ad during the Super Bowl about not using “gay” as an adjective. We’ll discuss that too.

So whether you want to talk Madonna or talk about the Patriots (or Giants), there’ll be something for you.

We’ll meet at 8:30 at the church, and afterwards we’ll eat at a local establishment.

Still not convinced you’re going to watch? See this: