2/24/2012: What kind are you? New gay (stereo)types

There have been a proliferation of new gay (stereo)types lately–from otters to pups to chasers. You can see one type on YouTube with the Disappointing Gay video series. Even our straight male allies that mask their heterosexuality in stylish clothes have changed types from metrosexuals to hipsters.

So this week we will deconstruct all of these old and new types to see what it all means. Will knowing what kind of gay I am help me find my matching type? Are there really more otters at DC Eagle than Town? And is matching types ever that easy?

Check out this Gay Cliques Census survey that was created to shed some light on the demographics of the gay community and discover what cliques are actually in use (e.g. Bears, Cubs, etc.), the relationship between cliques and attraction to other cliques, how tops/bottoms range between groups, and what the geographic differences are between cliques. We will use some of this to jumpstart our discussion.

Come out for a fun discussion on new gay (stereo)types. As always, we start at 8:30 pm at St. Margaret’s Church and will enjoy some food and more convo at a local eatery afterward.


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