Patriots vs. Giants vs. 53 year old Madonna–SUPER BOWL XLVI 2/3

A Mandonna dancer recently said that she’s “bringing gay to the Super Bowl” in her upcoming halftime performance this Sunday. (However, previous Super Bowl halftime shows have registered on the high end of the Kinsey scale.)

What do you for the Super Bowl? Do you watch it or do other things during? Who are you rooting for? How do you think Madonna will do–is she over the hill? Do you have any special customs for it (cook anything)? Do you “bring gay” to the Super Bowl?

Also, GLSEN is running an ad during the Super Bowl about not using “gay” as an adjective. We’ll discuss that too.

So whether you want to talk Madonna or talk about the Patriots (or Giants), there’ll be something for you.

We’ll meet at 8:30 at the church, and afterwards we’ll eat at a local establishment.

Still not convinced you’re going to watch? See this:

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