2/10/12: This Is Why You’re Single

Admit it, you’re pretty annoying sometimes.

No, really.

This week, as Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day approaches and we all assess our dating lives to date, why not take a few moments to embrace what’s wrong with our approaches to dating, relationships, and love–and how truly hilarious our faults can be? If you’re single, tell us all about how terrible you are at apologizing, how you can’t stop power-belching to save your life, or how clingy you were in your last relationship. Not single? No problem! Share how truly grateful you are that your partner hasn’t commented on your thunderous sleep-farts, the fact that you never clean the bathroom, or your inability to fill up the ice trays once they’ve been emptied.. for several weeks.

Come one, come all–but leave your hang-ups and self-confidence at home. This is all about laughing at our mistakes regardless of our inability to stop making them. As always, we’ll be meeting at St. Margaret’s (1830 Connecticut Ave) via the Parish Office Door at 8:30 on Friday. Afterwards we’ll head across the circle to Bread and Brew┬áto see what their ever-changing menu will have to offer in their cozy downstairs bar.

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