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03/23/12 Event: Premature Spring Fling Happy Hour

Back by popular demand and despite the best interests of your liver, we are excited to announce:

03/16/2012 – “Sex, Inc.” or “Crimes against Passion” – The Power is Yours!






This Friday, those in attendance of Gay Districts weekly facilitated discussion will help us decide the topic  from the two options listed below!

Houseboys, Rent-boys, Gay for Pay and on call sex workers. We will discuss the facts and myths for all thing associated with Sex, inc.! What is “Sex Positive” and how does it pertain to the world of sex workers? Where are the lines of legality blurred and when/where are they broken? Would you ever offer yourself up given the opportunity, have you already? Everyone has a price; what is yours?

With the recent acts of violence against two gay men in two separate encounters over this past weekend how does one maintain their feeling of safety in the city they live in? More importantly how do we respond to these horrendous attacks? Can we comfort and reach out to those assaulted? Can we stand together in a singular voice or an outcry that we will NOT accept this? Where do we go from here and how does this news impact you and those in your circle of friends?

As usual our discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church, 1830 Connecticut Avenue, NW. Afterwards we will head out to dinner at a local establishment and perhaps a drink or two to get our livers ready for St. Patrick’s Day!



03/09/12: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Cheaper

Just think, you could one day be half as awesome as Manders.

Jacket-free weather is here, and with it will soon come an explosion of social occasions and warmer-weather pastimes. We’ll now feel the allure of vacations, sporting events, rooftop happy hours, and an increased interest in all activities available year-round, simply because you won’t freeze your harbles off getting there.

With the limited budgets many of us are working with, or perhaps the simple desire to spend wisely, regardless of income, how can you “have it all” on the cheap? Come share advice on destinations, events, and deals appropriate for the cost-conscious homo. Tell us about the happy hour where $2 can put you in the hospital, the discount bus fare to Rehoboth–so long as you don’t mind going with a 50’s-and-up LGBT nudist group, and so forth.

As always, we’ll be meeting at 8:30 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, via the Parish Office entrance/buzzer. Dinner afterwards will be ladies’ choice, with voting options limited to $10-and-under meal options, befitting our theme.

See you then!