04/06/2012 – “The Legacy We Leave”









With Youth Pride 2012 just a few short weeks away I got to thinking, “What is it that the gay youth of today will inherit from us, their gay elders?” Are we responsible to teach them the ways of safety in cruising? Is the history of Dupont Circle that is slowly being lost important for those up and coming Gay-bies to know? What influence can/do we have in insuring the next set of young LGBT activists have the support and knowledge that they need in order to continue to create change when we are too busy changing diapers (whether they are our children’s or our own)? More importantly how can you as an individual leave an LGBT legacy for others to strive or admire? Whether it’s being the queen of the social scene or the poz life advocate and educator. Whether the knowledge you pass is to be safe with your heart as well as your body, how will you want to leave it and who do you want to give it to? How much knowledge and strength have we gained or lost due to the generation who lost their fight in the early epidemic of HIV/AIDS?

This Friday let’s sit and discuss how we want the next generation (Generation Fab!) to succeed and how we whether want to have a hand in helping them do it.

As per always we’ll be meeting at 8:30 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, via the Parish Office entrance/buzzer. After discussion we will head to dinner and afterwards see what trouble we can get ourselves into!

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