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{GD} 06/01/2012 – “Art is in the eye of the Beholder: and a late night visit to Artomatic DC!”









Alright ladies and Gents! 

This Fridays buzzing will have you all a twitter for spilling you opinion on the interpretation and manifestation of art in all its incarnations. Whether you worship at the alter of Queen Bee Lil Kim or are a ride or die down ass Diva for Nicki Minaj! Whether the story and legend that is Black Swan deserved to win an Oscar or if you’re a Queen for Margaret Thatcher porn in the way of The Iron Lady. Doe’s Rodins art make you faint or do you fall to pieces for Picasso? Sound broad? Well that’s fine….put in your 2cents on which mediums tickle your fancy pants and see who else shares your opinion or detests you for it. Some of the best conversations come from two opposing view points! 

As always,  discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church via the 1830 Connecticut Ave NW entrance. Afterwards we will head for a quick jumbo slice before hopping the train in the sweltering heat for a late night visit and excursion to, Artomatic DC one block away from Crystal City Metro Station where we will get to see art and artists from all over the spectrum. Live music, sculptures, paintings, live exhibits!

5/25/2012: Never Have I Ever…

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, which means summer is here! You know what that means: Boys in tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops. Trips to Rehoboth beach. And summer adventures. What do you have in mind?

It’s time to break out YOUR adventurous selves and checking things off your bucket list. And as your bucket list shrinks, you’ll have more exciting stories to share at that next game of “Never Have I Ever…”

This Friday we are going to share things on our own DC bucket list, make new ones for the summer, and find new friends to complete these summer adventures with! So come out and make plans to make this the beginning of one of your most exciting summers.

As always, come to St. Margaret’s at 8:30 for an hour-long discussion with dinner and drinks afterward.

Rejected Because You’re Gay

The Virginia House of Delegates rejected the nomination of Richmond prosecutor Tract Thorne-Begland’s bid for a judgeship solely because he is gay earlier this week. The specific charges? He’s in a gay marriage and had the audacity to speak out against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (no longer the law of the land) in 1993 since he was honorably discharged under the Navy. Nevermind, that he likely wouldn’t see any cases to do with gay rights and had it in writing that he would recuse himself where there was any conflict. (Dalia Lithwick of Slate has the best article on this.)

We’ll discuss this rather disturbing development out of our neighbor to the south. But also want to broaden it and discuss whether you’ve been ever rejected for anything for based on sexual orientation at work or elsewhere and strategies to deal with it.

Afterwards, we’ll eat out at a local establishment.

05/11/2012 – “How Very…Presidential…”










Well, well, well, it finally happened (again!).  Sixteen years after Obama originally endorsed same-sex marriage (in a questionnaire when he was running for Illinois state legislature), Obama re-affirmed his support….as President of the United States.  There are many in the LGBT community who welcome the news, but some reactions are more measured.  How will this help increase the number of couples who are able to legally marry?  Should same-sex marriage be the forefront of LGBT issues, or should it take a backseat to protection from employer discrimination or bullying laws?  Does the President hurt his chances in re-election because of this endorsement? Let’s discuss…

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner at a local establishment and whatever trouble we can find ourselves in! 

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05/04/2012 “Decadence and Downfall” or “What Doth a Diva Make?!”








Hola Boys! 

You have the power and vote to help shape this Friday’s discussion!  All you have to do to vote is simply speak your mind! Reply to me via E-mail with your vote, post on our FB page which topic you prefer, or even get the ball rolling by sharing your feelings on either topic to round up others into camp….

Decadence and Downfall  or What Doth a Diva Make?! 

Decadence and Downfall

In the world today we are taught that the perfection isn’t just an idea but an attainable tangible goal. That fame, fortune and immortality can all depend on how many likes you get on a Facebook status update or how many times your picture appears in Metro Weekly. There is no one that understands this more than the gay man. From spending hours in the gym to sculpt , tone and maintain our bodies to the hyper-vigilance of “healthy” eating. From the all night party bus benders to the 6 pack of Redbull just to get to the office after a wild weekend. But what is the cost? Does this pressure for an unattainable idea lead to self destruction? Men in The LGBT community have some of the highest propensity towards aaddiction and substance abuse. Is there a correlation? Does the pressure we take on to remain immortal in appearance in fact shorten our lives? Does is really matter how bright your light shines if you’re really just burning the candle at both ends? 

What doth a Diva make 

From Dorthy Dandridge to Halle Berry. From Audrey Hepburn to Michelle Pfiefer. We as gay men have adored the hyper femininity of our leading ladies just as much as we lust after the hyper masculine in their co-stars. But what in fact does a Diva make?! Is it the troubled past and personal pitfalls that lead to Academy notoriety? The no holds barred bitch bravado that accentuates her every action? The tragic romantic antics that make any script look pale in comparison?   Is there subtext in the filmography or personal story of these leading ladies that speak directly to us? Or do we just enjoy a good Bitch regardless of her talent? How has camp, drama, or even comedy help to shape our appreciation of these GORGEOUS creatures?

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner at a local establishment and whatever trouble we can find ourselves in! 

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