{GD} 06/01/2012 – “Art is in the eye of the Beholder: and a late night visit to Artomatic DC!”









Alright ladies and Gents! 

This Fridays buzzing will have you all a twitter for spilling you opinion on the interpretation and manifestation of art in all its incarnations. Whether you worship at the alter of Queen Bee Lil Kim or are a ride or die down ass Diva for Nicki Minaj! Whether the story and legend that is Black Swan deserved to win an Oscar or if you’re a Queen for Margaret Thatcher porn in the way of The Iron Lady. Doe’s Rodins art make you faint or do you fall to pieces for Picasso? Sound broad? Well that’s fine….put in your 2cents on which mediums tickle your fancy pants and see who else shares your opinion or detests you for it. Some of the best conversations come from two opposing view points! 

As always,  discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church via the 1830 Connecticut Ave NW entrance. Afterwards we will head for a quick jumbo slice before hopping the train in the sweltering heat for a late night visit and excursion to, Artomatic DC one block away from Crystal City Metro Station where we will get to see art and artists from all over the spectrum. Live music, sculptures, paintings, live exhibits!

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