Rejected Because You’re Gay

The Virginia House of Delegates rejected the nomination of Richmond prosecutor Tract Thorne-Begland’s bid for a judgeship solely because he is gay earlier this week. The specific charges? He’s in a gay marriage and had the audacity to speak out against Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (no longer the law of the land) in 1993 since he was honorably discharged under the Navy. Nevermind, that he likely wouldn’t see any cases to do with gay rights and had it in writing that he would recuse himself where there was any conflict. (Dalia Lithwick of Slate has the best article on this.)

We’ll discuss this rather disturbing development out of our neighbor to the south. But also want to broaden it and discuss whether you’ve been ever rejected for anything for based on sexual orientation at work or elsewhere and strategies to deal with it.

Afterwards, we’ll eat out at a local establishment.

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