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9/24/2012: Give us your best shot!

And now for something completely different!

This week we need everyone to come out and support us with a promotional project. We would like to get new guys to come join Gay District this fall, so to do so we need your help being a part of a photo shoot!

Friday we want you in front of the camera telling people why you come to Gay District and they should too. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t really get Mike Ruiz to join us.) We will have cameras, paper and white boards to write replies to the question, “Why do you enjoy Gay District?” These photos will be used to promote Gay District on Facebook, our website and other Gay District promotional materials. And even if you’re camera shy, come out to think of witty responses and direct the photo shoot.

As always, we would like these pics to reflect the diversity of our group, so we’ll need as many warm bodies as possible! So, start thinking about why you come to Gay District and be ready to share for the camera. And, of course, we’ll go out and masticate together afterward.


8/10/2012: Olympics or Gay TV?

What would this summer be without the Olympics and beautiful Olympian athletes’ bodies? As the competitions come to an end, let’s celebrate the gayness of the London games!

This week’s discussion will focus on the best of the 2012 London Olympics. Who’s your favorite athlete? What’s your favorite competition to watch? And who had the best media attention and photo ops? (This category may be hard to judge—literally—with all of the beautiful photos floating around the web.) Talk will also touch up on how the Olympics alters your fitness routines and body images (they say American’s gym attendance and exercise goes up during this time).

As always, come out this Friday at 8:30 pm to St. Margaret’s Church for a fun discussion of Olympic proportions!


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