11/2/2012: GD Voter’s Guide

GD guys,

If you haven’t heard, it’s election season and all the town is a buzz with what will happen Tuesday in federal and local elections! To capitalize on all of the talk of politics, we will discuss the elections and what it may mean for our lives–the political and personal.

Come join us to learn more about and discuss the candidates and issues, such as:

  • Where do you come out on the Maryland casino issue?
  • Will Virginia and Ohio go for the President or Governor Romney?
  • Why haven’t gay issues been a central part the campaigns? (Except, of course, in Maryland.) Is that good or bad for our community and issues?
  • Would a President Romney be all that bad for us?
  • What can I do to still get involved and help?

We will be talking about these questions and more this evening. And we promise not to make you cry from all of the talk of Obama and Romney. See you all there!

Jay, Justin & Luke

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