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12/14/2012: Home for the Holiday Traditions Mashup

The holidays are here, bringing lots of good cheer, parties, and libations! It also brings time with friends and family–for better and for worse.

Before we all travel home for the holidays, come out and share with Gay District what your plans are when home for the holidays and the traditions you share with your loved ones. Do you and your boyfriend travel to the respective families to give your tidings of good cheer? Do you and your close friends hang stockings above the fireplace, trim the tree, and welcome more friends (and old tricks!) over for the holiday party of the year?

What new traditions have you started since coming out and moving to DC? What new ones would you like to start?

We will chat all and more about the traditions we have when home for the holidays. As always, we’ll meet at St. Margaret’s at 8:30 pm for discussion, followed by dinner together.

12/7/2012: Best of DC

This Friday we will have guest facilitator Matt Swanson lead a discussion on the Best of DC.

What are some of the best places to eat? Best gay bars? Best non-gay bars? Best travel options? Study places? Art galleries? Theaters? Neighborhoods? Sure Metro Weekly and the Post have lists of these things, and we can consult those, but Matt wants to hear from you boys on this topic!

Have you posted any good Yelp recommendations lately? Have them on hand for the discussion about your favorite things about the DC area. Maybe you’ll get some good ideas from your fellow GD men that you didn’t know about before.

Come out for a relaxed discussion about what you love best about our fabulous urban-inspired lives! Matt promises a good time for all!