01/18/2013 – “Ladies Choice: ‘Gay Gamers’ or ‘Aging in the LGBT Community’










Hola Gays!!

This week it’s ladies choice at Gay District!  We have two options for this week’s discussion, so come and the vote will be majority rules.

A. First, gay gaming!  Whether it’s Xbox, Wii, Playstation, Super Nintendo, or Atari, the gays have long had a great affinity for their games.  What are your favorites?  What are your earliest memories?  Did you as a nascent gayby feel the first atwitters of feelings for men begin with the bulging biceps of Mortal Kombat?  Do you feel out of place with your combined gaming and gayness, if you consider yourself part of both groups?

B. Second, aging in the gay community.  What are the attitudes about age in the gay community?  What dating or looking for a partner, do you have limits on age?  What are your attitudes about someone who dates someone out of a “normal” age range, whether older or younger?

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