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Just For Fun: May 3rd Discussion Group Topic Teaser!


“Some claim there ain’t no mountain high enough.  That’s right – ain’t no mountain high enough they say; they shall persevere, river deep, mountain high.  The truth is, a good man is hard to find (and the wrong man is always lurking about).  But I can tell if someone is a bad risk (or a tramp or just a loser).  I am concerned with trustworthiness and communication.  But suitability and compatibility includes physical appeal and sexual attraction.  I want to determine if a guy will last 5 minutes or be a one minute man, or otherwise be lacking, ‘cuz ain’t nobody got time for that!  (I know that I don’t.)  Besides, ain’t nothing going on but the rent – you gotta have a J-O-B if you wanna be with me.  But being disqualified is not all about money.  I don’t want no scrubs with words that are paper thinIt takes more to impress someone like me. When it comes down to it, if you can’t cut the mustard (or you don’t have confidence), then I ain’t the one for you.  That’s why after hearing what most men have to say, I’m quick to say ‘go away little boy’ – because I rather be alone than be unhappy.”


What will you have to say about our next discussion topic?  No matter how opinionated you are, be a part of Gay District’s next discussion group at The DC Center on Friday, May 3, 2013 at 8:30pm.


Official announcement of topic and guest facilitator coming soon!

(Hint: Marlena Shaw may have recorded the album Who Is This Bitch in 1975, but it isn’t her.)

Who is This Bitch, Anyway?

04/19/2013 – “Can You…Feel A…Brand New DAY!” – New Beginnings

Hey Boys! 

I know it feels like it’s been FOREVER since we last met up but here we are…3rd Friday in the month so it’s time for our facilitated discussion! This week we will talk about beginnings and how being in a new place is an opportunity for a fresh start. Let’s talk about our experiences moving to DC or a new apartment home, new relationships, jobs etc.and what we’ve learned (or didn’t learn) from these experiences.  We also want to hear your thoughts about our new digs (The DC Center – 1318 U Street, NW) and all your ideas for topics, activities, and volunteer opportunities now that we’ve moved our location and are making changes to our format. 

Remember Boys, discussion starts at 8:30pm and our new home is The DC Center – 1318 U Street, NW. You’ll be able to spot us as the entrance with the rainbow ribbons!

See you out tonight! 

04/05/2013 – “Gay District: Re-Launch & Open Housewarming!”

What: Gay District Re-launch: Free Open Housewarming!

Where: The DC Center – 1318 U Street, NW

When: April 5th, 2013 7pm – 10pm

We will be hosting an Open Housewarming at the site of our new Friday night facilitated discussion, The DC Center! Located at, 1318 U Street, NW, The DC Center has been the home for resources to the LBGT community for many years and now they have opened their doors to us.  As we are welcomed to our new home please join us for light fare and beverages. We hope to have attendees of past and present show up in full force and in lieu of gifts ( microwaves and toaster ovens ) please bring your favorite memories to share and help us fill the night with laughter….and of course whatever donations you can offer!

See you there!

Limited Supply Bonus!: For all participants of the Re-Launch: Open Housewarming that donate $10+ you will receive a ticket (valued at $20) for the upcoming Dancers Night at Bender Arena hosted by People Of The Beat! If you enjoy dance of any sort from classical interpretive, modern, to crump, tap and freestyle you’ll love what People of the Beat are putting together! If you need an excuse to get out and move then join them for a night to remember!