Our Next Facilitated Discussion: June 7th, 2013 (Don’t Let the 5th Friday Fool You!)


We had a great time on Friday!  Gay District (GD) would like to thank everyone who attended the discussion about “Gay Pride…Brought to you by Visa” on May 17th. What did you boys think of the SanFran Gay Pride dropping the well known Bradley Manning of Wikilinks fame as Grand Marshall? You boys had a LOT to say and feel free to share continue the GD conversation on the Facebook Page.  If any other GD participants are interested in facilitating a group discussion on a topic of their own choosing, contact your facilitators, Justin, Jay or Luke through GD@GayDistrict.Org or just reply to the e-mail here-in. Want to suggest a conversation but don’t want the hassle of leading it? Share Away!
Don’t forget, our next GD discussion group is at 8:30pm on Friday June 7th at The DC Center for the LGBT Community, 1318 U Street NW.  Look out for more GD announcements of upcoming events in your inbox (if you haven’t found your way to our GD GoogleGroup join us!) or on the GD Facebook Page
Speaking of Pride and Money…what have YOU done today to make you feel proud? I hope part of that will be enjoying a great show June 1st & 2nd by making it out to see GMCW at our spring show, “Seven” happening at Lisner Auditorium



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