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06/21/2013 – We Have a GD Guest! Clint Finch of DC Crystal Meth Working Group

We have a GD guest! Clint Finch joins us on June 21st to discuss his work with the DC Crystal Meth Working Group and the drugs impact and affects in the LGBT community.

Clint Finch is chair of the DC Crystal Meth Working group, a Center group dedicated to catalyzing and advancing a LGBT response to meth in Washington.  As an 18-year resident of the District, Clint has witnessed the evolution of trends and attitudes about drug and alcohol addiction and HIV in the city.  His experience as a recovering meth addict, HIV+ gay man, and research professional give Clint a unique perspective on addiction issues in the LGBT community and how they relate to HIV.  

Chris will be speaking about crystal meth addiction in general, focusing specifically on current trends in usage, options for recovering or reducing harm, and the relationship between meth and HIV. 

If there are questions you would like answered by Clint please forward them in a private message or via email at GD@GayDistrict.Org. identities concealed unless otherwise stated.  

Remember, we will be meeting at The DC Center. Discussion starts at 8:30pm and will be followed by a light bite to continue conversation and perhaps a late night bar crawl or whatever else we can get ourselves into!


06/07/2013 – “Pride…A Deeper Love!”


Hey Boys!

With Capital Pride Festival just DAYS away and everyone ramping up to take the city by storm we thought it would be great to get together for a 2-Fold discussion! 

1 – Stories of Pride: Bring a story you’d like to share involving a Pride experience (DC or Otherwise) on a small sheet of paper with just a sentence describing it…join us on Friday for further details on how we’ll make this fun for all! 

2 – The Legacy We Leave: With Pride meaning so many things to SO many people and the definition and purpose of the festival and parade having changed throughout the years…what is the legacy we leave for those who carry the Pride torch? What have we paved for them and what struggles will they inherit from us? Are we focused as a community enough to have common ground and clarity on what we’re even fighting for now? Has the “Celebration” of Pride gotten in the way of the “In Your Face” social justice and queer culture of the Pride of yester-years?  Part of the Pride experience and culture is loving, respecting and honoring our community; In what ways can we show that to our LGBT elders? How can we pass that to our LGBT children? More importantly, how can you as an individual leave a legacy of Pride for others to strive or admire? Whether it’s being the queen of the social scene or the poz life advocate and educator. Whether the knowledge you pass is to be safe with your heart as well as your body, how will you want to leave it and who do you want to give it to? How much knowledge and strength have we gained or lost due to the generation who lost their fight in the early epidemic of HIV/AIDS?

This Friday, let’s dish and talk about Pride…A Deeper Love. Discussion will start at 8:30 at The DC Center, 1318 U Street, NW and be followed by dinner. For further information on directions or access please reply.