Great Sexpectations–July 19

The “three-date rule” has its own Wikipedia page. But is it really an ironclad law? The question of when relations become sexual is a political, cultural and societal minefield. (Relatedly, the New York Times found that college women like to have sex.)

When do you expect sex in the course of dating someone? A casual hookup online or at a club? Even in other circumstances? Are you ever disappointed or understanding if the other person does not want to have sex? Do you ever think it is a savvy move to keep someone interested to not hook up?

Join us at the DC Center at 1318 U St. NW. Friday at 830 to discuss such questions and more.

Afterwards, we’ll eat out at a local establishment on U St. and maybe, who knows, you’ll meet someone there and then one thing will lead to another…


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