August 16: FUK!T Packing Party

It’s mid-August, and the city is empty and it can be hot, so sometimes you just have to say, Fuck it. But if you’re in town, we will be making “FUK!T” packets this Friday. The are packets that include condoms and lube that you might have seen at bars or clubs. The packets got started after a rise in HIV and STD prevalence — and rather than just hand out condoms, include lube so that they have a much higher chance of working and encourage sex-positive safer sex.

It will be a chance for everyone to gather together and talk, while volunteering for a good cause. We will be joined by the DC Center’s Brant Miller, who will instruct us about how to put them together.

Afterwards, we’ll head off to a local establishment for food and/or possibly a drink!

Join us at the DC Center at 1318 U Street at 8:30 pm.

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