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10/04/2013 – “The Sacred and Pro Gay”

Religion is often cited as an impediment to LGBTQI progress.  Some of the loudest opponents to pro-LGBTQI legislation are religious leaders.  And while the public discourse over marriage equality and LGBTQI rights is often littered with biblical references, for many there is no dichotomy between the sacred and the “Pro-Gay.”

This Friday we will have a discussion about the many ways religion and sexuality intersect and impact our lives.  Whether raised in religious or secular homes, most LGBTQI people have had religious dogma impact their lives in some way.  Think about the role religious ideologies have – or have not – played in your life.

How does your religiosity, spirituality, or lack thereof, influence your sexual identity?  Does your religious affiliation oppose or affirm your sexual orientation?  Has religion impacted your dating experiences or romantic relationships?

Has your experience and perspective as a gay, bisexual, same-gender-loving, or queer (or other identity) man given you any special insight into religion or spirituality?  Is your identity as religious, spiritual, agnostic, or atheist influenced by how sexuality is perceived within that community?  Have you experienced or observed religious beliefs being in conflict with sexual orientation?  How do the religious or spiritual beliefs of people in your life affect you?

Whether your opinions about religion are positive or negative, whether you have stories to tell, thoughts to share, or questions to ask, join us at 8:30pm on Friday, October 4, 2013, at The DC Center for a lively discussion with guest moderator Zar.

Bonus: If you would like, bring a favorite philosophical quote, inspirational saying, or scriptural passage to share with the group.

9/20/2013 Discussion: Autumn in DC!

Autumn has come to DC: It’s in the crisp, cool air, the smell of fireplaces lighting up, fall guides in the papers (Did you catch the BladeMetroweeklyCity Paper and WaPo guides last week?), and on screen on tv and in the movies. So how are you going to spend the new season?

This Friday we will talk about fall activities going on, especially ones that pique your gay interest. What tv show will you be watching weekly with a group of friends? Are you a hayride, haunted house or apple-picking type of outdoorsy, October gay? And where’s the best place to take a first date now that the rooftop bars and outdoor patios will be a bit too chilly to sit out on and get to know that new guy?

Come this week to plan your fall calendar! You might make some new friends to join you on this fall’s best activities! As always, we will meet at 8:30 pm at the DC Center at 1318 U St, NW. And we will go out to dinner or drinks together afterward.
See you all there!


27th Annual AIDS Walk – Gay District Team: Prancercise!

Following our fantastic evening of candid conversation and stories of safer sex, slip ups, exposure rates and prevention the boys of Gay District have decided to take part in the 27th annual AIDS Walk! We hope to bring our sense of fun and energy to the event with our team. So without further ado, I present. Gay District; Prancercise!  

For those of you unfamiliar with the Prancercise Phenomenon….please, become familiar! We hope to help meet our goal of $5000 and if you would like to help us reach it by donating or joining our team follow the links to do just that!

Live Long and….PRANCE! 

{GD} 09/06/2013 – Guest Facilitator: Tim McManus, ” The Great Divide; The generational gap of the HIV/AIDS experience.”

This Friday we will be joined by long time participant and sometime guest facilitator, Tim McManus, as we discuss HIV/AIDS, its impact on our community and our generation at large. We will discuss how the experience has impacted our personal, professional and intimate lives. What resources are available, readily and up to date and informative as research progresses and statistics vary and change. How has the community been impacted by a generation lost to an epidemic that in its infancy, took so many? And in what was can we as individuals and groups help impact and create change in our community?

Tim is a long time participant of Gay District, has participated in the AIDS walk for several years and this year is on the Planning Committee.


Remember, we will be meeting at The DC Center. Discussion starts at 8:30pm and will be followed by a light bite to continue conversation and perhaps a late night bar crawl or whatever else we can get ourselves into!