10/04/2013 – “The Sacred and Pro Gay”

Religion is often cited as an impediment to LGBTQI progress.  Some of the loudest opponents to pro-LGBTQI legislation are religious leaders.  And while the public discourse over marriage equality and LGBTQI rights is often littered with biblical references, for many there is no dichotomy between the sacred and the “Pro-Gay.”

This Friday we will have a discussion about the many ways religion and sexuality intersect and impact our lives.  Whether raised in religious or secular homes, most LGBTQI people have had religious dogma impact their lives in some way.  Think about the role religious ideologies have – or have not – played in your life.

How does your religiosity, spirituality, or lack thereof, influence your sexual identity?  Does your religious affiliation oppose or affirm your sexual orientation?  Has religion impacted your dating experiences or romantic relationships?

Has your experience and perspective as a gay, bisexual, same-gender-loving, or queer (or other identity) man given you any special insight into religion or spirituality?  Is your identity as religious, spiritual, agnostic, or atheist influenced by how sexuality is perceived within that community?  Have you experienced or observed religious beliefs being in conflict with sexual orientation?  How do the religious or spiritual beliefs of people in your life affect you?

Whether your opinions about religion are positive or negative, whether you have stories to tell, thoughts to share, or questions to ask, join us at 8:30pm on Friday, October 4, 2013, at The DC Center for a lively discussion with guest moderator Zar.

Bonus: If you would like, bring a favorite philosophical quote, inspirational saying, or scriptural passage to share with the group.

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