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Gay District 5/16: Michael Sam

By now, you’ve probably seen the kiss.

Football players kiss their girlfriends all the time after they’re drafted. But since Michael Sam is gay and he has a boyfriend, this instantly became a political moment.

Some people predictably were grossed out and thought it was inappropriate to show to children, but Sam’s pick to the St. Louis Rams was congratulated by the president (safe to say he’s the 1st 7th round pick to be congratulated by a president) among scores of other sports players. (A negative tweet from a Miami Dolphins player drew a fine from the NFL, a sign of how serious this is.)

The NFL is the de facto national sport of the United States of America, so this really did seem to be a cultural moment. Sam is the first out gay player to be drafted. A gay on-the-mouth-kiss was beamed into homes. Now, Michael Sam jerseys are #2 among Rookies in sales.

We’ll discuss what this means for the NFL, sports, America, gay rights, and your own life on Friday at the DC Center at 8:30, at 2000 14th St. NW Ste. 105, inside the Reeves Center at U St.

Afterwards, we’ll head out to a local establishment to eat.