06/20/2014 – “Have Your (Beef)Cake and Eat It Too!!” Monogamy and the Gay Relationship


...Or, “If Two’s Company; Are Three’s Allowed?”

With right-wing conservative family first organization’s shouting from the roof tops that LGBT couples are ruining the sanctity of marriage and (some) in the same breathe classifying Gays as promiscuous… Things can get pretty confusing… What’s a boy to do?!

This Fridays we will discuss the many faces of LGBT relationships and how they may or may not work for you.. Do you believe that your heart is solely for your partner and your body is open for anonymous affection? Have you and your partner come to an understanding of keeping the bedroom open, or do you feel monogamy is the way to be?  How can a relationship progress when your ideas of monogamy differ? What keeps two people in an open relationship together instead of drifting apart? Can you consider your relationship monogamous if you have guest appearances in the bedroom? Do you feel that its biologically unnatural for men to be monogamous or do you just want to settle down in 2.5 kids bliss? 

Join us this Friday and share your insight, opinion and experiences to try and answer some of these questions! After group we will gather round the table for food and continue our conversations. After dinner we will see what trouble we can get ourselves into!  

Remember, Gay District meets at The DC Center, located inside the Reeves DC government building. Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing McDonald’s. We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID to gain access inside the building. If you do not have or are unable to present a photo ID, please contact me ahead of time by email or The DC Center’s Executive Director David Mariner.


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