September 19: Secrets And Lies

Gossip has come into the 21st century with smartphone apps like Secret and Whisper. The programs allow users to anonymously share secrets and users to comment and like them. One Daily Beast article revealed that the app Secret had taken a particular hold in the Washington, D.C. gay community, and indeed — many around are about sex, dating, relationships and STDs. Others are less gossipy and more attempts to share personal stories in an anonymous setting.


Do these apps provide a valuable place for people to share their feelings when they might not be comfortable with a friend/family member? Or are they purely outlets for mean gossip? Has a Secret ever affected you? Would you throw shade at someone on an app like this? Are you endlessly fascinated by it? Are all of these “secrets” in fact, true?


We’ll discuss this new phenomenon at the DC Center at 2000 14th St. NW, on the First Floor of the Reeves Center, at 8:30 on Friday. Afterwards, we’ll head out to one of the fine establishments on the U Street Corridor to eat. Call me at (617) 877-5484 if you have troubles finding us.

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