11/7/14: Post-election highs & lows


After this week’s mid-term elections, you’re either singing the blues with other Democrats or all fired up like the new Republican majority. Regardless of your party affiliation or political views, there are major changes ahead in our local lives and in the LGBT community.


What do you think the crystal ball has in store for immediate political landscape? Will Republicans open their big tent to work with the LGBT community for civil rights advancements? Can new local leaders in Washington, DC, Maryland and Virginia continue to make the area attractive to young professionals with continued development? And will we see another Clinton-Bush election in 2016?


Come out tomorrow to join the chatter about what this year’s elections meant to you, what the next few years has coming, and what’s in ahead for 2016. It’ll be a great chance to polish your political commentator skills!


Your facilitator this week, Jay


PS–Check out this article from the Washington Blade on our LGBT future with a new Republican majority:

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