{GD} 09/04/2015 – Sex, inc.. (The Ins and Outs of A Hard Economy And A Bottom Line)

Hey Fellow-Fella-Lovers!

Houseboys, Rent-boys, Gay For Pay and on call sex workers. While sex work has been known as being “The Oldest Profession” the ways in which we are exposed to and participate in it have advanced. Whether you choose to subscribe to a gay porn website or support one of the “Small Business” porn houses like MaverickMen the options for at home or real life entertainment can seem limitless. Recently, RentBoy.Com was raided by the Feds in what some are saying is a first step to creating and maintaining a “Sex Panic” culture!What are you thoughts on sex workers??

*Check Out This Article on Vox for an in depth SEx-planation!*

This Friday we will discuss the facts and myths for all things associated with Sex, Inc.! What is “Sex Positive” and how does it pertain to the world of sex work? Where are the lines of legality blurred when/where are they broken? Would you ever offer yourself up given the opportunity…have you already?

Gay District meets at The DC Center, located inside the Reeves building at 2000 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009. Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing McDonald’s. We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID to gain access inside the building. If you do not have or are unable to present a photo ID, please contact the DC Center at (202) 682-2245. Afterwards, we’ll head out to one of the fine establishments on the U Street Corridor.

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