Queering the Vote



Hey guys,

Come join us for discussion this Friday 02/05/16, 8:30pm at the The DC Center! Our topic is Queering the Vote.

The primaries just swept through Iowa and the results have many folks on all sides of the isle paying closer attention to the current slate of presidential candidates. Who has caught your eye in the race to the White House? Have you been closely scrutinizing the debates or trying your damnedest to block out that televised circus? Who do you think has the strongest platform and best experience to affect the needs of the nation’s queer community? Do we agree with the Human Rights Campaign’s early endorsement of Hilary Clinton, why or why not? Is there political common ground between Log Cabin Republicans, democrat gays, and queer independents? Do you have political priorities that rank higher than any involving sexual orientation/gender identity? What are your opinions on Donald Trumps’ hair, and the loss of the Biden/Obama bromance?

Join us this Friday February 5th to talk about this and more!

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