LGBT Community

LGBT Community
   This past June the LGBT community gathered after the Pulse Club shooting in Orlando, Florida. It was an emotional time as people came together in support of the victims, their families and each other, bringing along an overwhelming feeling of comfort and safety.
   Communities can be a powerful force which can create social change, encourage the exchange of ideas and provide a sense of acceptance and belonging. The LGBT community is no stranger to this. But what exactly is ‘the gay community’? How do you enter it? Is it something that you are automatically a part of or only at your choosing? What does it mean to be in the LGBT community?
   While the LGBT community has been around for a long time, it is not the only one. Many of us are actually already part of various different communities. Does being in another community (such as the hispanic, african american, disabled, ect.) affect being in the LGBT one? Also, how does the LGBT community differ from any of those other ones?

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