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03/23/12 Event: Premature Spring Fling Happy Hour

Back by popular demand and despite the best interests of your liver, we are excited to announce:

03/09/12: Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Cheaper

Just think, you could one day be half as awesome as Manders.

Jacket-free weather is here, and with it will soon come an explosion of social occasions and warmer-weather pastimes. We’ll now feel the allure of vacations, sporting events, rooftop happy hours, and an increased interest in all activities available year-round, simply because you won’t freeze your harbles off getting there.

With the limited budgets many of us are working with, or perhaps the simple desire to spend wisely, regardless of income, how can you “have it all” on the cheap? Come share advice on destinations, events, and deals appropriate for the cost-conscious homo. Tell us about the happy hour where $2 can put you in the hospital, the discount bus fare to Rehoboth–so long as you don’t mind going with a 50’s-and-up LGBT nudist group, and so forth.

As always, we’ll be meeting at 8:30 p.m. at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, via the Parish Office entrance/buzzer. Dinner afterwards will be ladies’ choice, with voting options limited to $10-and-under meal options, befitting our theme.

See you then!

2/10/12: This Is Why You’re Single

Admit it, you’re pretty annoying sometimes.

No, really.

This week, as Valentine’s Day/Singles Awareness Day approaches and we all assess our dating lives to date, why not take a few moments to embrace what’s wrong with our approaches to dating, relationships, and love–and how truly hilarious our faults can be? If you’re single, tell us all about how terrible you are at apologizing, how you can’t stop power-belching to save your life, or how clingy you were in your last relationship. Not single? No problem! Share how truly grateful you are that your partner hasn’t commented on your thunderous sleep-farts, the fact that you never clean the bathroom, or your inability to fill up the ice trays once they’ve been emptied.. for several weeks.

Come one, come all–but leave your hang-ups and self-confidence at home. This is all about laughing at our mistakes regardless of our inability to stop making them. As always, we’ll be meeting at St. Margaret’s (1830 Connecticut Ave) via the Parish Office Door at 8:30 on Friday. Afterwards we’ll head across the circle to Bread and Brew to see what their ever-changing menu will have to offer in their cozy downstairs bar.

1/13 Event: GAYMER TAKEOVER of Dave & Buster’s

Time to get out of the house, nerds!

Now only a bit more than a week away, we’re fast approaching our next event–Gay District is invading Dave & Buster’s!

Come meet us at the White Flint metro platform/gates around 8:15 if you want to walk over with the group, or if you’re driving, just plan on arriving at D&B’s around 8:30p. Dave & Buster’s is located within the White Flint Mall at 11301 Rockville Pike, in what is geographically known as North Bethesda. Metro riders rest assured: though this is in Maryland, it’s only a 10-minute straight-shot walk due south from the metro station.

Come with friends, socially awkward zombie-shooting fiends, and all the gays  you can coerce or kidnap to take advantage of discounted prices when you purchase Powercard credit (their version of tokens) in larger quantities.

Stick around with us and enjoy their very-girly-for-an-arcade house drinks, and totally-straight-acting scotch and beer selections, and various fried artery-bomb appetizers. Pool your tickets (or trade them for 1-ups in the bathroom stall) to win better prizes–I personally will be doing my damnedest to win me a Dave & Buster’s emblazoned toaster!

Do note that this will take the place of our regularly scheduled discussion, so please don’t go looking for us at St. Margaret’s.

Make certain to let us know how many to expect by RSVPing on the Facebook event here.

For more information, including menu information, Powercard prices, and directions, visit the Dave & Buster’s website or simply ask any of your near and dear Gay District facilitators, Justin, Sean, Jay or Luke.

Ho, Ho, Homosexuals

A Very Gay Christmas
A Very Gay Christmas, indeed

It’s that time of the year, gents: the halls are decked, Obama has the tree lit, and every retail outlet is playing the same twenty Christmas tunes recorded in the mid-1900s on repeat. “The Holidays are here,” as we non-exclusively put it, and bring with them joy, stress, a season of giving, a season of debt collection, togetherness with loved ones, burning hatred of loved ones, and so on.

Come discuss your plans this year, anxieties, and memories of previous bipolar-as-a-Joan-Crawford-character holidays. Going out of town? Changing your travel plans or long-standing traditions due to finances? Trying to decide with your partner whose family to visit or avoid, or perhaps whether your relationship is “there” yet, with regards to joint family visits? We’ll touch on all this and much more, so come say hi!

As always, we’ll be meeting at 8:30 pm on Friday at St. Margaret’s Episcopal, 1830 Connecticut Ave NW, via the Parish Entrance buzzer by the bus stop. Afterwards we’ll nosh somewhere nearby (ladies’ choice this week), and break off into holiday de-stressing bar groups and descend on the local bar scene like wise men on a sale display of frankincense and myrrh.