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Wanna take you to a Gay Bar! Gay Bar! Gay Bar!


“Wanna take you to a Gay Bar! Gay Bar! Gay Bar!” (song by Electric Six)


The gay bar has a cornerstone place in our LGBT history (I’m sure you’ve all heard about the Stonewall Riots and the importance that bar has in our civil rights movement), and perhaps in our current queer culture too. Unlike much of rural America, metro area gay, bi, trans, and queer men are not bound to a single LGBT watering hole, but blessed with a plethora of gay focused, owned, and operated spaces ready and willing to receive our patronage.


Pick a scene, any scene, and it’s a good bet the DC nightlife has a brick and mortar place that caters to that crowd. Leather and Kink? The Green Lantern and DC Eagle are still serving it up to the more scandalous among us. Twinks and college guys? Town has got you covered, at least when they aren’t hosting Bear Happy Hour.  We can’t forget Bachelor’s Mill and Fireplace’s distinctive space in the DC gay nightlife scene either.  Maybe you want to catch the sportsball game while cruising the locals: Nellie’s brings you both. Number 9 is great for a happy hour after work, and there’s both drag and brunch at Level One underneath Cobalt, Perry’s in AdMo, and (for those adventurers trekking into the wilds of NoVA) there’s Freddy’s Beach Bar. You won’t find brunch at Ziegfeld’s Secrets, but that’s not why you were going there anyway. The metro area is so LGBT enriched that we even have the option of ‘straight gay bars’ such as Black Cat (voted Best Straight Gay Bar 2015) and the Dacha Beer Garden in Shaw.


As defined in the article “How Do Non-Gay Bars Become Gay Destinations?”, a ‘straight gay bar’ is one that doesn’t specifically label themselves as a gay bar but are widely frequented by LGBTQ residents. Places can now become gay havens without expressly identifying as a gay bar by intentionally hosting events with large gay followings, such as Mix Tape, Bright Young Things parties, queer burlesque shows, etc. Places can also become gay bars for the night quite unintentionally, as is the intention of The Welcoming Committee’s Guerilla Queer Bar event. The concept is to select a gay-unfriendly or otherwise heavily hetero-centric space, flash mob it with gays on the appointed date, and voila! Instant gay bar. Once we start to overlay the brick and mortar places with the respective events that a bar can host to lure in the gays, we have a very rich matrix of gay places and events that could cater to our every inclination.


So with all these places and events to choose from, how does one decide where to go? Get a friend’s advice? Follow the happy hour specials? Create an alcohol-infused social calendar that rotates between all possible bars each month? Outside of our wide-range of options, what’s the situation like for our lesbian, bi, trans and queer sisters? What impact might the blurred line between intentional and unintentional gay bars have on our local LGBT community? Are there any pro’s for the stand-alone small town gay bar that an urban gay bar doesn’t get?


Join us at Gay District in the DC Center this Friday, June 19 at 8:30pm as we dish about gay bars.


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Gay District is a DC metro area, donation-based, gay, bi, trans-, queer men’s conversation group. Gay District meets at The DC LGBT Center, located inside the Reeves building at 2000 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009.  Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing McDonald’s. We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID to gain access inside the building. If you do not have or are unable to present a photo ID, please contact the DC Center at (202) 682-2245.


Gay District Digest: July 11th – Wiffle Ball Game, Volunteer Survey and MORE!

July 11: Gay District Annual Wiffle Ball Game


Come join Gay District for some hot fun in the Summer Time — Wiffle Ball! The game will be held at Stead Park near 17th and P St NW at 7:30 pm. We will bring the bats and balls, you bring yourself. If you’ve never played, don’t worry — the game is easy to get the hang of, but hard to be good at. Afterwards, we’ll head over to JR’s for a post-game drink.
Fill out our GD Volunteer Survey! 
Please take a few moments to fill out our Gay District Volunteer Survey! This will help us gauge the interest of our members willing to participate in our volunteer efforts in the community and what areas of interest we can focus! Thanks to WW Taylor Monson for putting this together!
July 18th – Reel Affirmations: Double Feature!
Following the Wiffle Ball game on July 11th we’re doing something a little different and a little exciting.  We will NOT be meeting at the DC Center.  Instead, we are taking advantage of an exciting opportunity to see a double feature of gay-themed movies during the DC-based film festival Reel AffirmationsFriday, July 18th is a double feature of the movies Grind and The Ten Year Plan.
In lieu of the discussion, we will be attending the 9:15pm showing of both movies. Tickets are available at the Reel Affirmations site. We encourage getting the VIP ticket which includes 1 drink ticket, 1 popcorn ticket, and VIP seating! Check out the trailer for Grind which is inspired by everyone’s favorite Gay “Social” app.
August 1st – OutWrite Events: “Speaking of Essex” & “Hold Tight Gently”

We will be continuing our Summer Of Fun with an OutWrite Event & Workshop at The DC Center on August 1st!  “Speaking of Essex: A Tribute To Essex Hemphill” at 6pm will feature friend to Gay District and fellow author Phillip Clark who will be among the panel reading the amazing work of Essex Hemphill. Followed by “Hold Tight Gently: An Evening with Martin Duberman” at 7pm. A profound exploration of the intersection of race, sexuality, class, identity, and the politics of AIDS activism beyond ACT UP, Hold Tight Gently captures both a generation struggling to cope with the deadly disease and the extraordinary refusal of two men to give in to despair.
We will be returning to our regularly scheduled facilitated discussions on August 15th. This summer we plan to take advantage of amazing weather, fun opportunities and events!

01/31/2014 – Gay District & WiTT: Fifth Friday – Joint Discussion

GD-WITT Reunion FB-Web graphic.001

Gay District (GD) meets at The DC Center.  It is located inside the Reeves building, which is a government facility.  We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID. If you do not have or are unable to present photo ID, please contact GD facilitator Justin (JDavis1982@Gmail.Com) or The DC Center’s Executive Director David Mariner.  Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing the McDonald’s.

See You Then!


{GD} 06/01/2012 – “Art is in the eye of the Beholder: and a late night visit to Artomatic DC!”









Alright ladies and Gents! 

This Fridays buzzing will have you all a twitter for spilling you opinion on the interpretation and manifestation of art in all its incarnations. Whether you worship at the alter of Queen Bee Lil Kim or are a ride or die down ass Diva for Nicki Minaj! Whether the story and legend that is Black Swan deserved to win an Oscar or if you’re a Queen for Margaret Thatcher porn in the way of The Iron Lady. Doe’s Rodins art make you faint or do you fall to pieces for Picasso? Sound broad? Well that’s fine….put in your 2cents on which mediums tickle your fancy pants and see who else shares your opinion or detests you for it. Some of the best conversations come from two opposing view points! 

As always,  discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church via the 1830 Connecticut Ave NW entrance. Afterwards we will head for a quick jumbo slice before hopping the train in the sweltering heat for a late night visit and excursion to, Artomatic DC one block away from Crystal City Metro Station where we will get to see art and artists from all over the spectrum. Live music, sculptures, paintings, live exhibits!

5/25/2012: Never Have I Ever…

Memorial Day Weekend is upon us, which means summer is here! You know what that means: Boys in tank tops, shorts, and flip-flops. Trips to Rehoboth beach. And summer adventures. What do you have in mind?

It’s time to break out YOUR adventurous selves and checking things off your bucket list. And as your bucket list shrinks, you’ll have more exciting stories to share at that next game of “Never Have I Ever…”

This Friday we are going to share things on our own DC bucket list, make new ones for the summer, and find new friends to complete these summer adventures with! So come out and make plans to make this the beginning of one of your most exciting summers.

As always, come to St. Margaret’s at 8:30 for an hour-long discussion with dinner and drinks afterward.