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05/04/2012 “Decadence and Downfall” or “What Doth a Diva Make?!”








Hola Boys! 

You have the power and vote to help shape this Friday’s discussion!  All you have to do to vote is simply speak your mind! Reply to me via E-mail with your vote, post on our FB page which topic you prefer, or even get the ball rolling by sharing your feelings on either topic to round up others into camp….

Decadence and Downfall  or What Doth a Diva Make?! 

Decadence and Downfall

In the world today we are taught that the perfection isn’t just an idea but an attainable tangible goal. That fame, fortune and immortality can all depend on how many likes you get on a Facebook status update or how many times your picture appears in Metro Weekly. There is no one that understands this more than the gay man. From spending hours in the gym to sculpt , tone and maintain our bodies to the hyper-vigilance of “healthy” eating. From the all night party bus benders to the 6 pack of Redbull just to get to the office after a wild weekend. But what is the cost? Does this pressure for an unattainable idea lead to self destruction? Men in The LGBT community have some of the highest propensity towards aaddiction and substance abuse. Is there a correlation? Does the pressure we take on to remain immortal in appearance in fact shorten our lives? Does is really matter how bright your light shines if you’re really just burning the candle at both ends? 

What doth a Diva make 

From Dorthy Dandridge to Halle Berry. From Audrey Hepburn to Michelle Pfiefer. We as gay men have adored the hyper femininity of our leading ladies just as much as we lust after the hyper masculine in their co-stars. But what in fact does a Diva make?! Is it the troubled past and personal pitfalls that lead to Academy notoriety? The no holds barred bitch bravado that accentuates her every action? The tragic romantic antics that make any script look pale in comparison?   Is there subtext in the filmography or personal story of these leading ladies that speak directly to us? Or do we just enjoy a good Bitch regardless of her talent? How has camp, drama, or even comedy help to shape our appreciation of these GORGEOUS creatures?

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner at a local establishment and whatever trouble we can find ourselves in! 

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1/13 Event: GAYMER TAKEOVER of Dave & Buster’s

Time to get out of the house, nerds!

Now only a bit more than a week away, we’re fast approaching our next event–Gay District is invading Dave & Buster’s!

Come meet us at the White Flint metro platform/gates around 8:15 if you want to walk over with the group, or if you’re driving, just plan on arriving at D&B’s around 8:30p. Dave & Buster’s is located within the White Flint Mall at 11301 Rockville Pike, in what is geographically known as North Bethesda. Metro riders rest assured: though this is in Maryland, it’s only a 10-minute straight-shot walk due south from the metro station.

Come with friends, socially awkward zombie-shooting fiends, and all the gays  you can coerce or kidnap to take advantage of discounted prices when you purchase Powercard credit (their version of tokens) in larger quantities.

Stick around with us and enjoy their very-girly-for-an-arcade house drinks, and totally-straight-acting scotch and beer selections, and various fried artery-bomb appetizers. Pool your tickets (or trade them for 1-ups in the bathroom stall) to win better prizes–I personally will be doing my damnedest to win me a Dave & Buster’s emblazoned toaster!

Do note that this will take the place of our regularly scheduled discussion, so please don’t go looking for us at St. Margaret’s.

Make certain to let us know how many to expect by RSVPing on the Facebook event here.

For more information, including menu information, Powercard prices, and directions, visit the Dave & Buster’s website or simply ask any of your near and dear Gay District facilitators, Justin, Sean, Jay or Luke.

Male Figurative Art Appreciation and Social Mixer

When: Thursday, December 8th.

Where: Vitruvian Gallery – 734 7th Street, SE (2nd floor)  

The Vitruvian Fine Arts Gallery just opened its doors – it’s DC’s only gallery dedicated exclusively to male figurative art. For one of their first events they have invited Gay District & DC Ice Breakers to stop by for some fine wine (or seltzer water), cheese and crackers, and fabulous art – all courtesy of the Gallery;The only thing you have to supply is the great conversation! In fact, we will be among the very first to see a brand new installation of pop art going up in early December. With major exhibits booked through summer of 2012, Vitruvian Gallery has already created excitement in DC’s artist community. The gallery’s lineup promises male figurative art in a variety of media, artistic styles, and price points But there’s more to this venue than just art. Already, the gallery is hosting Men’s Yoga lessons, and soon, there will be open drawing sessions, artist-led classes, and a variety of other member events. So stop by after work – we’ll be there from 6-8 pm on Thursday, December 8 – 734 7th Street, SE (2nd floor).


Gay Districts: 3rd Annual Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner

When: Friday, November 18th.

Where: St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church – 1820 Connecticut Ave. NW

Why: Because we like you!

It’s that time of year again; the HOE-lidays!!!

Instead of having our regular schedule weekly discussion, GAY DISTRICT has decided to have a nice family dinner and guess what? YOU’RE INVITED!!!

This will be our third go around for the Thanksgiving Potluck Dinner and we hope you’ll join us to make this year as memorable as the last! Since this is a potluck dinner please bring a dish, beverage, or dessert. Feel free to coordinate with Justin to find out who’s bringing what AND whom!You can e-mail directly at GD@GayDistrict.Org, Facebook message or go the simple route and post on the wall of the event what you will bring along with your RSVP! All additions to the meal are welcome and feel free to surprise and regale us with your culinary masterpieces! RSVP is not necessary but appreciated.

We hope to see you all there but if you can’t join us have a happy and safe holiday; we will see you soon!!

10/16/2011 – “Men Singles Game Night!”

Time: Sunday, October 16 · 6:00pm – 9:00pm
Location: 4141 N. Henderson Road, in Arlington, VA

Co-hosts Gay District, DC Icebreakers, and Burgundy Crescent
Volunteers, join forces to bring you an evening of BOYS, BOOZE, and
BOARD GAMES! If you’ve enjoyed the past game nights (with general
attendance for each in over 100!) you’ll have a blast on this unique
twist on a singles mingle!

The event takes place in the party room at 4141 N. Henderson Road, in
Arlington, VA, on Sunday, October 16, from 6:00-9:00 pm. This is a BYO
party, so please plan to bring a snack and/or something to drink. And
feel free to bring your single friends, too! We’ll provide the board,
card, and video games and party supplies (cups, plates, utensils,
etc.). There’s a pool table available, too.

It’s an event so good, it’s even worth crossing the river!

And there is NO RSVP necessary – just show up. Complete details are
below. See you there!

Justin / Neil / Rob!

Men’s Singles Party w/Board, Card and Video Games (and pool table!) –
for our single members and their friends

No RSVP necessary – just show up!

Sunday, October 16, 6:00-9:00 pm

4141 N. Henderson Road, Arlington, VA 22203
(At the front desk, ask for the Party Room)

BYO – bring a snack and/or something to drink. Party supplies will be

The Ballston Metro is just 5 blocks away – about a 10 minute walk.

Some street parking is available, or park in the Ballston Common Mall
garage, just 1 block away. ($1 for the entire evening.)
Note: Do NOT park in the angled spaces on N. Henderson – they tow!

Your co-hosts for this event are:
– Gay District (
– DC Ice Breakers (
– Burgundy Crescent Volunteers (