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September 14, 2016

The down-low lingo



Join us this Friday 9/16/2016 at 8:30pm in The DC Center for this week’s discussion topic: “The down-low lingo”

The times are a’changing and more people are coming out as LGBTQI, and way earlier in life, than ever before in the US.  The option for openness hasn’t always been the case here; historically being out was a veritable death sentence and this is still true in certain parts of the world today.   Given the need for discretion, how do we / have we communicated to each other “on the down low”?

  Is the “three taps in the stall” code that outed former Senator Larry Craig (R. Idaho) still a way to get the message across?  (If you don’t know what this is check out this article, also listed below.)  What about the old color and pocket signals from the hanky code?  (Fashion accessories as codes, detailed in this article .)   These and other nonverbal methods have generally been used for cruising, which apparently is not dead according to this 2016 article.        

But we have modern tech now to help us avoid awkward stall taping, shady park meet ups, and color clashing handkerchiefs.  Even anti-gays like casual encounter seekers at the 2016 Republican National Convention can use Craigslist (article here) instead of these other methods.  We’re good now, right?  Well, if we take the 2014 app flaw that outed gays in Iran and worldwide (article here), the Daily Beast’s recent scandal of a reporter actively using Grindr to out closeted Olympians (article found here and below), new software developed by Kyoto tech researchers pinpointing folks within feet regardless of app or location setting (article here), and even a murderer in Pakistan luring men to their deaths from a Facebook group (article here) the jury is undecided on if tech beats taps.  How does current technology complicate or convenience things when compared to other methods used in previous generations?  Of course, one could always take those handkerchiefs and your phone for a nice walk in the park to be very thorough.

Let’s dish about this and more on Friday September 16th at The DC Center!

Gay District meets at The DC Center, located inside the Reeves building at 2000 14th Street NW Washington, DC 20009. Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing McDonald’s. We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID to gain access inside the building. If you do not have or are unable to present a photo ID, please contact the DC Center at (202) 682-2245.

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04/04/14: Spring time for GD and Washington!

It looks like old man winter has finally exited to let spring take center stage. And with this season comes boys baring more skin! To celebrate their arrival–the spring or skin, your pick–we’re going to celebrate by dishing about our favorite parts of the season and the boys we love.

Come ready to chat about why you enjoy spring time: Your favorite bar patios to happy hour with friends and work colleagues. Your favorite outdoor dates spots. Your favorite spring colors. Your favorite holidays. And, of course, your favorite boys of the season!

Join us at our normal time of 8:30 pm this Friday at the DC Center. As always, we will go out together afterward for drinks or dinner. See you Friday!

Your facilitator this week,


PS-Remember, Gay District meets at The DC Center, located inside the Reeves DC government building. Attendees will need to enter the Reeves building via the “Exit” doors on 14th Street, facing McDonald’s. We encourage attendees to bring their photo ID to gain access inside the building. If you do not have or are unable to present a photo ID, please contact me ahead of time by email or The DC Center’s Executive Director David Mariner.

PPS-And if you’re looking for some spring readings that will attract the boys, peruse these books on Buzzfeed.

10/19/2012: 20 Questions About Love & Sex

A new season of Logo TV’s 1 Girl 5 Gays has started, which means it’s time for us to play our favorite Canadian gay boys and girl and host Gay District’s own round of 20 questions about love and sex.

This Friday we will probe deep down into our gay psyches to talk about foreplay, Instagram and what it means to break up with a friend.

The questions and answers will continue after over dinner and drinks. The show starts at the usual time of 8:30 pm at St. Margaret’s. See you all soon!


{GD} 06/01/2012 – “Art is in the eye of the Beholder: and a late night visit to Artomatic DC!”









Alright ladies and Gents! 

This Fridays buzzing will have you all a twitter for spilling you opinion on the interpretation and manifestation of art in all its incarnations. Whether you worship at the alter of Queen Bee Lil Kim or are a ride or die down ass Diva for Nicki Minaj! Whether the story and legend that is Black Swan deserved to win an Oscar or if you’re a Queen for Margaret Thatcher porn in the way of The Iron Lady. Doe’s Rodins art make you faint or do you fall to pieces for Picasso? Sound broad? Well that’s fine….put in your 2cents on which mediums tickle your fancy pants and see who else shares your opinion or detests you for it. Some of the best conversations come from two opposing view points! 

As always,  discussion will start at 8:30pm at St. Margaret’s Episcopalian Church via the 1830 Connecticut Ave NW entrance. Afterwards we will head for a quick jumbo slice before hopping the train in the sweltering heat for a late night visit and excursion to, Artomatic DC one block away from Crystal City Metro Station where we will get to see art and artists from all over the spectrum. Live music, sculptures, paintings, live exhibits!

05/04/2012 “Decadence and Downfall” or “What Doth a Diva Make?!”








Hola Boys! 

You have the power and vote to help shape this Friday’s discussion!  All you have to do to vote is simply speak your mind! Reply to me via E-mail with your vote, post on our FB page which topic you prefer, or even get the ball rolling by sharing your feelings on either topic to round up others into camp….

Decadence and Downfall  or What Doth a Diva Make?! 

Decadence and Downfall

In the world today we are taught that the perfection isn’t just an idea but an attainable tangible goal. That fame, fortune and immortality can all depend on how many likes you get on a Facebook status update or how many times your picture appears in Metro Weekly. There is no one that understands this more than the gay man. From spending hours in the gym to sculpt , tone and maintain our bodies to the hyper-vigilance of “healthy” eating. From the all night party bus benders to the 6 pack of Redbull just to get to the office after a wild weekend. But what is the cost? Does this pressure for an unattainable idea lead to self destruction? Men in The LGBT community have some of the highest propensity towards aaddiction and substance abuse. Is there a correlation? Does the pressure we take on to remain immortal in appearance in fact shorten our lives? Does is really matter how bright your light shines if you’re really just burning the candle at both ends? 

What doth a Diva make 

From Dorthy Dandridge to Halle Berry. From Audrey Hepburn to Michelle Pfiefer. We as gay men have adored the hyper femininity of our leading ladies just as much as we lust after the hyper masculine in their co-stars. But what in fact does a Diva make?! Is it the troubled past and personal pitfalls that lead to Academy notoriety? The no holds barred bitch bravado that accentuates her every action? The tragic romantic antics that make any script look pale in comparison?   Is there subtext in the filmography or personal story of these leading ladies that speak directly to us? Or do we just enjoy a good Bitch regardless of her talent? How has camp, drama, or even comedy help to shape our appreciation of these GORGEOUS creatures?

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner at a local establishment and whatever trouble we can find ourselves in! 

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