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Fall Fashion Fiesta!!

Hey Boy-sicles!

So you’ve worn your favorite shorts till they’re splitting at the seams….
Those sandals you got at banana republic aren’t going to protect those toes from jack frost!
Not to mention that tank top you’ve been wearing since you stole it from that guy you hooked
up with in Rehoboth! Time to put away the boys of summer and welcome fall! Let’s chat about our
favorite looks, shops, style and things that we plan to look forward to this fall season.

Not a fashionista? Aren’t sure what colors are in this season let alone where to shop?
Don’t know your ascot from a hole in the wall? Don’t worry, your facilitators will be your guide
in the intricate world of style and circumstance! Wanna know what local shops have GREAT
frugal fashion finds? Dying to hear what sites the the young, urbanites are trafficking for their
low priced wow wears? We’ll do more than TELL you, we’ll show you first hand!

As usual discussion will be followed by dinner and if the night suits us….let’s travel out to see
what trouble we can find!