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04/05/2013 – “Gay District: Re-Launch & Open Housewarming!”

What: Gay District Re-launch: Free Open Housewarming!

Where: The DC Center – 1318 U Street, NW

When: April 5th, 2013 7pm – 10pm

We will be hosting an Open Housewarming at the site of our new Friday night facilitated discussion, The DC Center! Located at, 1318 U Street, NW, The DC Center has been the home for resources to the LBGT community for many years and now they have opened their doors to us.  As we are welcomed to our new home please join us for light fare and beverages. We hope to have attendees of past and present show up in full force and in lieu of gifts ( microwaves and toaster ovens ) please bring your favorite memories to share and help us fill the night with laughter….and of course whatever donations you can offer!

See you there!

Limited Supply Bonus!: For all participants of the Re-Launch: Open Housewarming that donate $10+ you will receive a ticket (valued at $20) for the upcoming Dancers Night at Bender Arena hosted by People Of The Beat! If you enjoy dance of any sort from classical interpretive, modern, to crump, tap and freestyle you’ll love what People of the Beat are putting together! If you need an excuse to get out and move then join them for a night to remember!


1/11/2013: Winter Staycations

It’s winter time (although this weekend’s temperatures may not make it seem so), and a perfect time to stay in and snuggle up. Or get out and have fun in the cold. So what’s your favorite winter past times in and around DC?

This week we will chat about our favorite winter hang out spots with friends, and those even closer to us, in the area. Do you have a special dish to cook and invite friends over on especially cold nights? Do you like to go ice skating or skiing? Let’s come up with a top 10 list of our favorite winter staycations this evening, and then make plans to do them all before the spring!

As always, we will meet at the same time and place, with some winter nosh to follow discussion. See you all there!


12/14/2012: Home for the Holiday Traditions Mashup

The holidays are here, bringing lots of good cheer, parties, and libations! It also brings time with friends and family–for better and for worse.

Before we all travel home for the holidays, come out and share with Gay District what your plans are when home for the holidays and the traditions you share with your loved ones. Do you and your boyfriend travel to the respective families to give your tidings of good cheer? Do you and your close friends hang stockings above the fireplace, trim the tree, and welcome more friends (and old tricks!) over for the holiday party of the year?

What new traditions have you started since coming out and moving to DC? What new ones would you like to start?

We will chat all and more about the traditions we have when home for the holidays. As always, we’ll meet at St. Margaret’s at 8:30 pm for discussion, followed by dinner together.

11/2/2012: GD Voter’s Guide

GD guys,

If you haven’t heard, it’s election season and all the town is a buzz with what will happen Tuesday in federal and local elections! To capitalize on all of the talk of politics, we will discuss the elections and what it may mean for our lives–the political and personal.

Come join us to learn more about and discuss the candidates and issues, such as:

  • Where do you come out on the Maryland casino issue?
  • Will Virginia and Ohio go for the President or Governor Romney?
  • Why haven’t gay issues been a central part the campaigns? (Except, of course, in Maryland.) Is that good or bad for our community and issues?
  • Would a President Romney be all that bad for us?
  • What can I do to still get involved and help?

We will be talking about these questions and more this evening. And we promise not to make you cry from all of the talk of Obama and Romney. See you all there!

Jay, Justin & Luke

9/24/2012: Give us your best shot!

And now for something completely different!

This week we need everyone to come out and support us with a promotional project. We would like to get new guys to come join Gay District this fall, so to do so we need your help being a part of a photo shoot!

Friday we want you in front of the camera telling people why you come to Gay District and they should too. (Unfortunately, we couldn’t really get Mike Ruiz to join us.) We will have cameras, paper and white boards to write replies to the question, “Why do you enjoy Gay District?” These photos will be used to promote Gay District on Facebook, our website and other Gay District promotional materials. And even if you’re camera shy, come out to think of witty responses and direct the photo shoot.

As always, we would like these pics to reflect the diversity of our group, so we’ll need as many warm bodies as possible! So, start thinking about why you come to Gay District and be ready to share for the camera. And, of course, we’ll go out and masticate together afterward.